April 2014 Newsletter

Dr. Adizes Addresses Davos

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes was recently asked to be part of a prestigious panel at the 2014 Sberbank Business Breakfast at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  Joining him on this panel were Alexey Ulyukaev, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Anatoly Chubais, former Prime Minister of Russia and Chairman of the Executive Board of Rusnano, Kirill Dmitriev, CEO at Russian Direct Investment Fund, and Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics at Harvard University. The invitation-only meeting brought together chief executive officers, selected politicians and representatives from academia, NGO’s, religious organizations and media. Dr. Adizes was the featured speaker, and his session generated much interest and exposure among Eastern Europe’s biggest movers and shakers.  

Adizes Russia Retreats to Austria

Adizes Russia invited top managers from some of Russia’s largest organizations to Tirol, Austria for an educational retreat in the beautiful heart of the Alps.  The subject of the retreat was, “How to Transition from Entrepreneurial Management to Professional Management Without Losing Control.”

During this event participants learned practical tools, including the principles of healthy organizational structure development; ways to create a healthy corporate culture; how to make good decisions and how to assure proper implementation of those decisions. Attendee feedback was very positive.  Mondrus Alexander, CEO of MC Bauchemie said:

“I’ve got a lot of new ideas and I want to thank you for your professionalism! This was one of the best events in terms of organization and content I have ever attended. I’ve noted 23 items for realization in my company and in addition about 30 ideas I’ve gained. This means that investing in this workshop, our time and effort wasn’t in vain.”

In addition, Andrei Chesnokov, CEO of Atkarskaya garment factory Elite said:

“In my opinion, the Adizes Methodology helps to fully understand the concept of the regular management. This is the best system and the best methodology I’m familiar with. In regards to the level of expertise of the coaches – they are truly professionals.”

austriaevent_2014Educational Retreat Attendees Enjoying Beautiful Austria

The next Austrian workshop for Russian-speaking owners and top-management will be held on June 21-28 2014.  For more details please visit http://seminar.adizes.ru/

Adizes Opens In Kazakhstan

Adizes recently hosted three major events in Kazakhstan. These events had a significant impact on the position and perception of the Adizes Methodology within the country. Business leaders across Kazakhstan gained a deeper exposure to the Adizes Methodology, understanding that Adizes is more than just a theory, but rather a set of practical tools and instruments that when applied result in measurable and verifiable success within their organizations. 

The first event was “Business Platform,” a Master Class that introduced the Adizes Methodology to leading executives in Kazakhstan. Business Platform, the first of its kind, is an open platform where business professionals, entrepreneurs and experts can share their experience and knowledge to solve actual business problems. The event was broadcast by the two leading national television channels. 


57 participants attend the “Business Platform” Master Class in Kazakhstan

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The second event was a workshop called “Organizational Change Management, Leadership and Integration.” The workshop was well attended by business owners and top-managers. The local Kazakhstan newspaper, “Business and Power,” highlighted the workshop and released four different articles on the event featuring interviews with Adizes Associates and participants.

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The third event was a Master Class on “Leadership and Integration” delivered to the European Business Association of Kazakhstan (EUROBAK), a non-commercial organization representing the European business community. At present, EUROBAK membership includes the leading European companies and institutions doing business in, and based in, Kazakhstan.

More about EUROBAK.


Visiting the Adizes Institute – KMBS

The Adizes Institute hosted the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (KMBS) Executive AgroMBA class on their International Study Tour.  Participants included top managers from Ukrainian agricultural companies. As part of the tour, attendees visited the Adizes Institute in Santa Barbara County and Roll Global, an Adizes client located in Los Angeles, California. Roll Global is a $3 billion international company and operator of one of the largest farms in the world.  Dr. Adizes and Stewart Resnick, founder of Roll Global, hosted the group and answered questions on how Roll Global leveraged the Adizes Methodology to grow from generating $12 million in sales to its current sales of $3.5 billion.  Participants were very happy to see first-hand how the Adizes Methodology can be applied within the agriculture industry.

Learn more about the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (KMBS) Executive AgroMBA Program.


Partnering with Macedonia2025 (MK2025)

Adizes Southeast Europe, Novi Sad, partnering with Macedonia2025 (MK2025), presented a seminar on “Organizational Life-Cycle and Therapy.” More than 120 executives, managers, and professionals with diverse backgrounds as well as many young entrepreneurs attended. The lecturer, Senior Associate Zvezdan Horvat, PhD, shared his knowledge and experience on the Adizes Methodology. The event was so successful that 94% of the participants gave it the highest mark for their overall satisfaction with the event. 96% noted that they would like to participate in a future follow up seminar.

macedonia2025More than 120 professionals with diverse
backgrounds attended the event


NEW Meeting and Task Management Software Solution

As a manager or CEO, are you aware of all of the different meetings and tasks taking place within your organization?Do you know what problems are being addressed by whom and by when?We would like to introduce the latest tool from the Adizes Institute. It is called “Promeeteus” and it provides a central management interface for all organizational meetings and projects.Designed to complement the Adizes program for organizational transformation, Promeeteus keeps track of all potential improvement points and systematically monitors the organization’s progress in addressing them. Promeeteus is already being used in various organizations around the world with great success and is now available in English. It will also be available in Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Hebrew by mid-June, 2014.

Honoring Dr. Adizes

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes To Receive Two New Honorary Doctorates and an Honorary Chairman Appointment

Dr. Adizes will be awarded two new honorary doctorates in September, bringing the total number he has been awarded to 17. These new honors will be awarded by the International Management Institute (MIM – Kyiv) in Ukraine and Kazan Federal University in Kazan, Russia. Both of these universities have offered courses on the Adizes methodology for some time. Kazan Federal University is world renowned in part because Tolstoy and Lenin were students there.

In addition to receiving an honorary doctorate from Kazan Federal University, Dr. Adizes has also accepted the position of honorary chairman of a newly established lab at the institution. This lab will be dedicated to researching the application of the Adizes Methodology.

Learn more about MIM-Kyiv.
Learn more about Kazan Federal University.

Gaining the Military’s Attention

Adizes Associate Harpreet Bhan recently delivered a talk on “The Adizes Methodology: Secret of Success for any Organization” at the Southern Command Head Quarters of the Indian Army located in Pune.

Senior officers, including Brigadiers and Generals, were exposed to the Adizes Methodology. Of particular interest to the attendees was how the Adizes Methodology could be applied to the changing nature of the relationship between soldier and officer. Feedback from attendees was very positive, saying they have attended many courses, talks and leadership programs, but the simplicity of the way the Adizes concepts were presented in a short span of two hours was exemplary, unique and very profound.

Find out more about the Adizes Institute in India.

Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease With Oklahoma Business Leaders

As a part of our program to give back to local communities that support us, the Adizes Institute and friend of Adizes, Jack Allen, made a significant contribution at the March 2014 Tulsa Oklahoma Memory Gala to fund patient care and research for Alzheimer’s. Through Jack’s leadership, the Tulsa Alzheimer’s Chapter raised over $1.25 million for this worthy cause.

More about this event.

Newly Appointed

Pavlo Sheremeta, a long time student of the Adizes Methodology, has recently been appointed as Minister of Economic Development and Trade for the provisional government of Ukraine. Mr. Sheremeta, who is qualified in Adizes theory, is the founder and first Dean of the Kyiv Mohyla Business School, (KMBS), the leading business education institution in Eastern Europe. KMBS has been a long standing partner of the Adizes Institute.Dr. Adizes received his 15th honorary Doctorate from KMBS.

Read more on Pavlo Sheremeta.

Recently Hired

As the Adizes Institute continues to grow we welcome new members. Recently joining our organization as Associates are: Dr. Yuri Danilevskiy (Adizes Russia), a Medical Doctor with over 20 years’ experience working with pharmaceutical companies; Konstantin Desyatkin, (Adizes Russia), a former Accountant and CEO of a top financial audit firm in Russia; Jose Jacinto Juarez Garcia (Adizes Mexico), former CEO of Aula 24; Antonio Talamas (Adizes Mexico), former Internal Change Leader and Executive at TyA; and Vasyl Kondratyk (Adizes Ukraine), a former Industrial Performance Manager at Nestle.

Joining us as the new Regional Director of the Adizes Institute in Kazakhstan is Yelena Aronov, formerly with the Soros Foundation Network and an International Financial Consultant. In the USA, Jack Allen, Chairman at Hub International CFR joins us as our Business Development Partner in Tulsa, OK, along with Bill Huff, Business Consultant and active volunteer with SCORE, Counselors to Americas Small Business, as our Business Development Partner Huston, TX.

Also coming on board are Carolyn Healey, former Publisher and Editor at SupportIndustry.com, as Director of Marketing, Anna Kostar, previously a Marketing Intern at HP Indigo, in Marketing and Sales for Eastern Europe, and Natalya Mozhenkova, General Manager with ABV-Service, as Administrative and Sales Support in Russia.

With their help the Adizes Institute looks forward to providing a greater impact for its clients around the world.

Read Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes’ recent interview in the leading Russian publication, RBK Daily.

Adizes in the Media

Read Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes’ recent interview in the leading Russian publication, RBK Daily.

Read an exclusive interview with Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes in Forbes Kazakhstan on “Why Companies Live Longer Than People.”