October 2014 Newsletter

Dr. Adizes Awarded Two New Honorary Degrees

Dr. Ichak Adizes Conferred 17th Honorable Doctorate by MIM – Kyiv

In September MIM-Kyiv, a leading business school in the Ukraine, conferred its Doctor Honoris Causa on Dr. Ichak Adizes, who visited Kyiv to participate in the MIM-Kyiv 25thanniversary event series.

Dr. Adizes was awarded MIM’s honorable doctorate as one of the world’s leading management experts who made an outstanding contribution to the development of managerial thought. Dr. Adizes mentioned that receiving a degree from MIM-Kyiv was a privilege to him, and he also gave a lecture and answered the questions of the MIM community.

Other notable individuals who received the honorary doctorate from MIM-Kyiv include Mikheil Saakashvili, who served as the 3rd President of Georgia for two consecutive terms, and Grzegorz Witold Kołodko, a Polish professor of economics, who served as Polish Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance and was a key architect of Polish economic reforms. Dr. Adizes is the University’s third honorary doctor.

Dr. Adizes accepting his 17th honorary doctorate at MIM – Kyiv


Dr. Ichak Adizes Conferred 18th Honorable Doctorate by Kazan Federal University

Also in September, Ichak Kalderon Adizes became Doctor Honoris Causa of Kazan Federal University. The ceremony was held in the historical events hall of the University.

Kazan Federal University, which is over 200 years old, has 47,000 students and 5,000 faculty. Seven of its faculty have been awarded Nobel Prizes, and notable mathematician Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky was a faculty member. Famous students include writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin).

Dr. Adizes accepting his 18th honorary doctorate at Kazan Federal University


Dr. Adizes Speaks With the President and Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

In October, Dr. Adizes was on a prestigious panel at the Samruk Kazyna Transformation Forum held in Astana. The discussion centered on how the transformation of the Kazakhstan sovereign fund with 100 billion in assets could improve its performance. In attendance at his session were both the President and Prime Minister of Kazakhstan. Dr. Adizes’ presentation made quite an impact and he was invited to continue the discussion with the President on his plane.


What’s Happening at Adizes

Adizes Launches New Website

Adizes recently announced the complete site-wide redesign of www.adizes.com. The new website features a modernized look, access to new online resources and revised menu navigation options to enhance the users’ experience.

Included in the re-design is a completely rebuilt Lifecycle Assessment Tool, an online resource where individuals can take a brief, free survey and determine where their organization is on the Adizes Corporate Lifecycle.

In addition to these tools, the website features access to an in-depth library of video and audio resources. These provide valuable information to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the Adizes Methodology and why it is revolutionizing the way management is taught and practiced around the world.

Adizes Hosts 36th Annual Convention in Montenegro

In September, Adizes hosted its 36th annual convention in the beautiful country of Montenegro. The event provided a place for Adizes Associates and practitioners to come together to discuss the latest updates and happenings regarding the Adizes Methodology.

In addition, the Adizes Convention is the event where different awards recognizing outstanding associates and companies are given out.

This year, Louis Shakinovsky accepted the company of the year award for Belron International Ltd., England.  Belron first started using the Adizes methodology over 30 years ago and today the organization has flourished as the leader of its industry.

Adizes would also like to congratulate Dmitry Chichikalyuk, who was given the Associate of the Year Award in recognition of his role in developing Adizes operations in the Russian speaking market

adizes_montenegro_2014_croppedAdizes 36th Annual Convention Participants

Expo Georgia Hosts Shoham Adizes

In July, Shoham Adizes returned to Expo Georgia for the second year in a row to deliver a full day seminar on the Adizes Methodology. This presentation, which was sponsored by PASHA Bank, was titled “A New Management Paradigm for a New Age of Managers” and was very well received. Adizes sees continued interest from parties within Georgia who wish to further their education in the Adizes Methodology.

Shoham Adizes speaking at Expo Georgia

Dr. Adizes’ Books Sold in an Indian Airport Near You

Dr. Adizes’ books are prominently featured at the Mumbai airport and hundreds of copies have sold in just the past 2 months, with no indication of this slowing down anytime soon.

Adizes Books Promotion india
Dr. Adizes’ books on prominent display at the Mumbai Airport

Download Your Free Book Sample – The Ideal Executive by Dr. Ichak Adizes

idealexecDr. Adizes’ premise, developed in this book, is that the ideal leader, manager, or executive—ideal in the sense that he can fulfill by himself all the roles necessary for the long-and short-term effectiveness and efficiency of an organization—does not and cannot exist. And that is the problem with contemporary management literature: it presents what the executive should do, (because that is what the organization needs) even though no one can do it.

All the books and textbooks that try to teach us to be perfect managers, leaders, or executives are based on the erroneous assumption that such a goal is possible. This book explains why it is not.

Keep reading – download your free sample chapter or visit our online store to purchase your copy.

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We Are Growing!

The Adizes Institute continues to grow! We welcome Santosh Sreenivasan as our new VP of IT and Financial Reporting. Previously, Santosh was Founder & Director at Talentain Technologies, a niche provider of Analytics, Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing and Scalable Computing Solutions.

Also joining our organization as Associates are Alfonso Camberos (Adizes Mexico), an attorney and previously a Managing Partner at Estudios Jurídicos Empresariales, and Shridhar Thoda, (Adizes India), who was previously responsible for sourcing and execution of Investment Banking mandates for companies at various stages of the Lifecycle.

Adizes Graduate School International Training

In September 2014, the Adizes Graduate School organized the 2nd international training for Professors, “Adizes Theory and Practice for the Best Business Schools,” in Montenegro.

During the training, Dr. Ichak Adizes, the CEO and Founder of Adizes Graduate School, shared his enormous experience and provided the newest insights related to the evolution of the Methodology. During the three days, participants learned the key aspects of the Methodology and had the opportunity to share experiences and network.

The participants came from Universities in Croatia, Germany, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Switzerland.

Participants at the AGS training course

Adizes in the Media

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